I look forward in the days ahead to sharing with you the financial miracles of God I have witnessed at Salem Evangelical Church.  I hope to be an encouragement to you and your church.  I have dozens of stories to tell that are truly miracles.  One story that I love telling is the day God showed up in an envelope on a Thursday afternoon.  We were in the midst of building our Worship Center.  We had run out of money and on the following Sunday I was going to tell the congregation we were going to have to put a stop work order on the project because we were broke.  I was doing my usual cleaning up of the sanctuary making sure everything looked nice for Sunday.  I noticed on the altar an envelope that I really did not think too much about.  In fact, I thought so little about the envelope that I threw it in the garbage.  The Lord checked me and I went back to the garbage can and picked out the envelope and opened it up.  We were short $142,000 to continue the project.  Inside the envelope there was an anonymous cashiers check for $142,000!  God is faithful and God is good!  You might say, these kinds of things never happen to you.  Stay tuned and and as I share stories from time to time I will share the Biblical principles behind financial miracles!