Jesus said "Follow Me." Sounds simple doesn't it?

The Gospel Grit 3 Year Challenge simply puts all 156 of the things Jesus told us and showed us over His three year earthly ministry into a three year (52 weeks x 3 years = 156 weeks) journey of focused weekly discipleship.  

A journey to be enjoyed, focusing on only ONE thing Jesus told us or showed us each week. A journey to be enjoyed in community with other believers at a pace that permits reflection on Jesus' instructions, memorization of His word, and giving testimony as the Holy Spirit reveals and prompts along the way.

Are you ready to join in?

Here's what you can expect the journey to look like:

  1. You will receive a weekly email of ONE thing He told us or showed us, usually about a one page excerpt from the "Gospel Grit" book. (Each weekly excerpt page is provided to participants at no charge so you won't need the book, but if it's of interest to you, please note that the entire book is available here for purchase in paperback version or here for pick-up of the paperback version at the SEC church office).
  2. A few days after the excerpt, you will receive a "Challenge" email of discussion questions, reflections, and challenges to help shape your journey by encouraging you to apply that week's focus of what Jesus told us or showed us. (This might be something you choose to share in small group settings or on the Gospel Grit 3 Year Challenge Testimonial & Discussion Thread on Pastor Randy's Facebook page.)
  3. At various points along the journey, Pastor Randy will provide links via email to video clips which more fully develop a theme or application of a particular week's focus of what Jesus told us and showed us.

The journey is free. Pastor Randy asks that you join him each week as you commit your heart and mind to discipleship. (If you find the material useful, you'll have a no-obligation opportunity to acquire a subscription to a Discipleship Development Ministry Fund along the way.)

If you're ready to start, enter your email address below and Begin The 3 Year Gospel Grit Challenge Journey!!


 (As an extra resource, you may download the "key" to the weekly challenge and related Gospel Grit book page numbers at this link as a hard copy for reference, although this download is not necessary to participate in the challenge, as described more fully above.)