Purchase this book at Amazon.com by clicking on the book's cover image

Purchase this book at Amazon.com by clicking on the book's cover image

Temptation. It's like a glass of water with just a drop of poison in it - one sip, and you could be gone. Such is the way of temptation.

Randy Butler writes to those who struggle in this area by exploring ways to forecast and overcome temptations and addictions. He outlines many points that undress temptation and offers solutions to implement into your life. Butler asks bold questions such as: Why, where, and how are you faced with temptations? How does temptation tried just once turn into an addiction? Does every Christian struggle with it? 

Complete with study questions and Scriptures at the end of each chapter, this tool equips you to directly attack the power of temptation with the power of God and find victory over the addictions you have fought but with little success. 

Learn to forecast the storm before it comes...

By applying these doable solutions YOU CAN confront and conquer the “beast” we call....Temptation

“Forecasting Temptation looks mainly at the spiritual dynamics of temptation and key aspects of our relationship to it as believers. Dr. Butler doesn’t seem to leave any rock unturned in anticipating the effects of temptation on our journeys and gives helpful, nearly-comprehensive strategies from a faith perspective that can help a person begin to deal with temptation in proactive, healthy ways towards a more well-rounded, God-honoring recovery and lifestyle.”- Jayson Graves, M.MFT., founder and clinical director, Healing for the Soul Counseling

“Perhaps the best way we can avoid the pitfalls in our spiritual life is to open our spiritual eyes to perspectives we have not seen before. Forecasting Temptation speaks to this experience, which is so necessary for all of us. Dr. Butler speaks insightfully, in practical and real ways. Read this book and think it over deeply. There are no easy shortcuts in life, but this book will help guide you on your journey.” -David Zailer, executive director, Operation Integrity; author, When Lost Men Come Home and Our Journey Home