It has been my high privilege and honor to serve as a police chaplain with the Keizer Police Department since 2005. Over the years since becoming a chaplain I have dealt with multiple deaths from babies to suicides.

My grandpa retired a gargantuan with the Clackamas County Sheriff's office. I remember as a boy riding in grandpa's police car.  I was hooked for life!  Grandpa taught me how to drive in his car! I inherited his badge, his gun, his hat, his retirement identification and his leather "thumper." My dad followed in grandpa's footsteps and joined the Clackamas County Sheriff's office as a reserve. If I had more than one life to live I would have loved being a cop. God allowed me to fulfill that desire coming in the back door as a police chaplain, and I love it as much today as I did that first day I started in 2005.

By the way, my first call was to help and to observe a fatality reconstruct with the Oregon State Police office. What an incredible experience. After our work was completed I had lunch with the Lt. in charge. Guess who had to buy lunch being the rookie that day???

I spend my volunteer time riding in police cars with the guys and visiting the staff at the station and a fair amount of personal time with some of them as they are my family. I'd take a bullet for any one of them!!!