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I had the high privilege of making my 10th trip to Oaxaca this past November of 2014.  I first went to Oaxaca in 1994 with then Founder and President of Northwest Medical Teams International, Ron Post.  It was a first for him, inviting pastors to see the work both in Mexico City and Oaxaca.  Since that first trip in 1994, the Lord brought Ron and I back together when he moved to Dallas, Oregon in his retirement.  Ron founded Mission Increase Foundation in 1999 and once again our paths crossed when he invited me to go back to Mexico to conduct a pastor's conference.  Since that trip in 2006 we have gone back almost every year completing our work this past November with a Oaxaca Gospel Movement created by Ron.  Our dear brothers and sisters in Oaxaca now have been empowered to lead their own state in a revival in the days ahead.  You will find posted the most recent pictures from our trip in November.  I hope you love these dear people through pictures as much as I have had the opportunity to love them in person!

In December 2014, I received a letter from Brenton and Martha Trent, missionaries from our church serving in Oaxaca and continuing with the Oaxaca Gospel Movement. This is what they wrote in response to our most recent trip...

Dear Pastor Randy, 

 How are you? Praying that all is well. I want to thank you for all that you have done for the people of Oaxaca by bringing unity to the Pastors and Lay Leaders of Oaxaca. You have set the platform for other States in Mexico. Today I received a letter of invitation from the mayor of a community in Chiapas. He want us to go and share in more detail about the Gospel Movement. This is just the beginning of what has started. :)

 We prayed for you, your family, and your Ministry every morning. We love you! Still fresh in our minds is the precious times we spent in Oaxaca. I cannot forget when you were looking at the mountains and said, “Last time.” In times like those I need to be reminded that the Lord is in control of everything and His plans are far better that ours. After 7 years of Pastors and Lay Leaders Conferences they are ready for the next step.

 In the beauty of creation that surrounds us here in Oaxaca, even in our difficult circumstances or relationships, Christ is always present. We see God is always present. It’s we who are not! We’re somewhere else, at least I often am. Jesus tells us to be conscious, to be awake, to be alert, to be alive in his Word and in communion with Him; It’s the key to our spiritual being, because that is the one thing we aren’t. Especially in the cities where most people live on cruise control.  They just go through the motions of daily routines. We wake up and we repeat what we did the day before, and we get upset if there are any interruptions. 

 Advent is a call to be aware of how Christ is constantly showing up in our lives. The Christmas story is amazing as it reveals our value. God loved us enough to send his very best…JESUS! He entered our world through a doorway called Bethlehem and the world was changed forever.

 You and I know that God is at work all around — not just during Christmas but also throughout the whole year. We have seen it Oaxaca. I am sure you have seen it in Salem/Keizer. Bringing other people to Jesus is our responsibility.  He is the Reason we Celebrate CHRISTmas. We’re so thankful to the Lord to give us the privilege to be His Light, in the dark world of traditions, witchcraft, idolatry, immorality, etc. that surround us. It’s a privilege to serve the Lord here in Oaxaca. Thanks for standing behind us

 God wants a family more than anything else this Christmas. He wants children who choose to love and trust Him with all their heart.

 Please pray for us: 

  •  We want to be the kind of children to bring glory to His Name; If we did something for His kingdom in 2014, we want to do more in 2015.

  • For safety as we need to travel to more communities this year for the Gospel Movement.

  • For the Lord to use us to bring unity among the Pastors in Oaxaca regardless of their denomination.

 Brent & Martha